Femke Jolijn Paanakker

Pearl Tavern

The ask: Make Pearl Tavern a staple restaurant in the pearl district. 

The Strategy: Aligning our research with strengths and opportunities, we chose to emphasize the unique hours and options of the happy hour menu as a basis for differentiating Pearl Tavern from its competition. 

The Work:  Pearl Tavern is a fusion of passions between three portland natives into an impreccable happy hour experience. Here's how we brought that to life. 

Cinemagraphs for instagram 

Brochure's for Travel Portland

Napkins to add a little flavor to happy hour 

Brand Book

The Team:

Account Planner: Madison Nouguier

Strategist: Blair Paley

Media Planner: Patrick Benson 

Copy Writer: Jesse Summers

Art Director/Designer: Me