Femke Jolijn Paanakker

Reset The Code

Reset The Code 


How do we respond to rising tensions on the University of Oregon Campus?

THE STRATEGY: Connect with people who don't always see themselves as change makers and show that every person has a role in making the world better. 

THE WORK: We worked quickly and passionately to develop an initiative, win University support and partnerships with 16 different organizations, produce content, spread the message around campus and promote our work to the media and other schools. 



First we blanketed campus with mysterious stickers, buttons and murals. 

We then took over the heart of campus, blocking out the view from the student union. The view from the inside read "A view unremarkable, until it's gone. The right to be you, inalienable, until it's not. Reset The Code_" while the outside drove passersby to resetthecode.com. 


We populated resetthecode.com as well as Facebook and Twitter accounts with videos showing how injustice affects people in our community and that just one individual can make change. 


Finally, we asked people to commit by signing the pledge online and on a banner to be hung in the student union. 

We made animated videos to show people what resetting the code really means, and how to react in certain situations. 


In just one week, our Facebook page alone reached 150,000 people, our videos earned over 67,000 views and we got both local and national news coverage.


The Team:

Agency: Allen Hall Advertising

Account Manager: Tylynn Burns

Strategists: Hannah Lewman and Chandler Carroll

Writers: Cameron KokesSarah Vella-Labrador and Hannah Lewman

Art Directors: Stephanie HastingsWill NielsenRaquel OrtegaBrandon Montes-Nguyen, Femke Paanakker and Pauline Rode

Designers: Sonali SampatThuc VinhAven-itza De Primavera and Turner Maxwell

Producers: Tyler RobinsonTurner Maxwell and Spencer Kupish

Media Planners: Stefan Boehmer and Amelia Inouye